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Finite Element Simulation of Fluid Flows and Moving Structures

Jennifer R. Jackson

Principal Investigator:
Professor Tayfun E. Tezduyar, T*AFSM

The objective of this project was to use finite element methods to model fluid flow past a movable solid and to study how the motion of the solid affects the fluid flow. The solid was linearly elastic and modelled using classical linear elasticity theory. The fluid in this problem was compressible and governed by the Navier-Stokes equations In this project, Ms. Jackson was helped by Dr. Steve Ray, at that time a research associate supervised by Tezduyar. The project was part of a collaborative work with Ms. Gloria Wren from Army Research Laboratory.

This project dealt with a solid propellant tank gun, which is being studied by the US Army. The projectile tail initially extends into the combustion chamber. In order to maximize the speed of the projectile, an appropriate amount of solid propellant must be determined.

Meshes were generated for the computational domains for the fluid and the solid. The mesh generation and initial programming were done by Stephen Ray. Simulations were performed by imposing pressures that might occur during combustion in the interior of the gun as it is fired. The base pressure profile is shown in the graph.

Cases were run for the solid propellant alone, and for the solid propellant in the gun surrounded by the fluid.

Solid Propellant Cases Fluid/Solid Cases