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Coupled FSI Simulation
of a
Cross Parachute in a Wind Tunnel

Tim Bretl

Project Supervisor:
Dr. Keith Stein, US Army Natick Soldier Center

Principal Investigator:
Professor Tayfun E. Tezduyar, T*AFSM

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Project Information and Results

The purpose of this project was to use a coupled fluid-structure interaction (FSI) simulation to identify the aerodynamic characteristics of a cross parachute model for comparison with the results of a wind tunnel test conducted by the Parks College of St. Louis University Wind Tunnel Center. Average drag force calculated from FSI simulation data was much higher than that calculated from wind tunnel data, but the physical properties and dimensions of the parachute structural model and of the wind tunnel test section continue to be refined. The architecture put into place in the course of this project made it possible for future users to easily modify the simulation.

Cross Parachute Definition

Part I -- Standalone SD Simulation
Part II -- Standalone CFD Simulation
Part III -- Coupled FSI Simulation

Parks College Wind Tunnel Center Results