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Description of the Domain

A Slice of the Domain

This is the original "slice" of the spillway:
  • DIRECTION OF FLOW: From left to right.
  • VELOCITY: 7.4 feet/second at the inflow boundary.
  • LENGTH: 500 feet.
  • WIDTH: 32 feet, spanning four obstacles.
  • DEPTH: 36 feet at the inflow boundary.
  • OBSTACLES: 8 feet high.

The inflow boundary is placed far away from the spillway to ensure that the flow there remains virtually unaffected by the turbulence downstream.

The obstacles at the base of the spillway create turbulence that dissipates some of the kinetic energy gained by the water as it falls.

Because of the arrangement of these obstacles, the minimum width a symmetrical, periodic subdomain can have is 16 feet, spanning two obstacles.

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