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It has been a great summer.
I had the opportunity to use a supercomputer, to learn UNIX and HTML, to use image visualization software, to create a Web page.
I benefitted from dozens of lectures on image manipulation, graph theory and parallel computing.
And I gained a deep appreciation of all the work that goes into solving a differential equation with real-world boundary conditions.

I wish to thank the following individuals and institutions for making this possible:

The Army High Performance Computing Research Center,
which provides this splendid educational program.

Professors Dorothy Bollman and Julio Vidaurrázaga
(University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez),
who recommended me for the internship.

Marek Behr, my project supervisor,
who took the time to explain all the necessary steps of the simulation and always welcomed my questions.

Yasuo Osawa, who saved me from many technical disasters.

Lee Hinman and Wes Barry and Steve Demlow and Barbara Brian and the rest of the staff at the Center, who were always glad to provide answers and solutions.

Dennis Albertson, who made sure my summer included activities other than computational fluid dynamics.

Home Introduction