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Mesh Generation and Visualization Program Development

Timothy Cragin, T*AFSM

Project Supervisor:
Sunil Sathe, T*AFSM

Principal Investigator:
Professor Tayfun E. Tezduyar, T*AFSM

Structural Mesh Generation for Clusters of Parachutes

Programs were developed for the purpose of generating structural meshes for clusters of parachutes. The user specifies the number of parachutes in the cluster, the coning angle of the parachutes, and whether there will be a parachute in the middle of the cluster. The user also has the option of controlling the length of the suspension lines and risers.

Figure 1: Top views of clusters of G-12 parachutes.

2D Flow Visualization

This program was developed to visualize 2D meshes and display output data using an adjustable range of colors. For 2D incompressible flows, the program will also calculate and display velocity vectors, divergence, and curl. The user can take screenshots in postscript, jpeg, and gif formats. Adjustable settings include color schemes, line widths, vector lengths and arrowhead sizes. Camera movement and zoom functionality can be controlled by the mouse or the keyboard.

Figure 2: Flow past a cylinder: velocity vectors and horizontal component of velocity.