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Parachute Computation in
the Far Wake of a Wing

CDT Kyle Brennan, USMA

Principal Investigator:
Professor Tayfun E. Tezduyar, T*AFSM

This project is part of a greater research effort by the T*AFSM on airdrop systems. Our research on airdrop systems involves extensive collaborations with US Army Natick Soldier Center and NASA Johnson Space Center. The T*AFSM is working on developing the methods and tools needed to simulate the effect of unsteady wake flow on a paratrooper jumping out of a trailing aircraft and crossing the wake of the leading aircraft. CDT Brennan worked on parallel computation of the effect of an unsteady wake flow generated by a wing on a paratrooper. He generated the finite element mesh for the parachute, and carried out the simulation for three different lateral locations of the paratrooper at the wake of the Wing. In this project, CDT Brennan was helped by Mr. Yasuo Osawa, at that time a PhD student supevised by Tezduyar. Figure 1 shows the finite element mesh. Figure 2 shows the computed flow field at an instant.

Figure 1. Finite element mesh for the round parachute. The paratrooper model is approximated by a cylinder.

Figure 2. Computed flow field around the round parachute and cylinder at an instant. Pressure distribution and streamlines.