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Computational Model of the Aerodynamics of a
Hummer with Rotating Antenna

CDT Steven Kedrowski, USMA

Principal Investigator:
Professor Tayfun E. Tezduyar, T*AFSM

This project utilized a method newly-developed by the T*AFSM to accommodate the mesh update requirements of flow problems with spinning geometries. The Shear-Slip Mesh Update Method (SSMUM) is being used in conjunction with the Deforming-Spatial-Domain/Stabilized Space-Time (DSD/SST) formulation, also developed earlier by the T*AFSM. The DSD/SST formulation, enhanced with the SSMUM, can be very effectively applied to modeling of geometries that undergo rotations or straight-line translations. This is accomplished by letting, at each time step, the elements in a thin zone undergo "shear" deformation. This zone is remeshed frequently via regeneration of element connectivity. CDT Kedrowski generated the geometric model and the finite element mesh, and carried out the parallel computations to solve the time-dependent Navier-Stokes equations around the Hummer with rotating antenna. In this project, CDT Kedrowski was helped by Dr. Marek Behr, at that time a resarch associate supervised by Tezduyar. Figure 1 shows the computer model of the Hummer and Antenna. Figure 2 shows the computed flow field at an instant when the Antenna has rotated 180 degrees.

Figure 1. Model of the Hummer and Antenna.

Figure 2. Computed flow field around the Hummer at an instant when the Antenna has rotated 180 degrees. Air velocity.