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Investigation of the Response of a Parachute to Wind Shear

CDT Matthew Rapp, USMA

Project Supervisor:
Dr. Keith Stein, US Army Natick Solider Center, T*AFSM

Principal Investigator:
Professor Tayfun E. Tezduyar, T*AFSM

This project is part of a greater research effort by the T*AFSM on Airdrop Systems. Our research on airdrop systems involves extensive collaborations with US Army Natick Soldier Center and NASA Johnson Space Center. The T*AFSM is working on developing methods and tools needed to simulate the effect of wind profiles on a parachute. CDT Rapp worked on parallel computation of the effect of wind shear on fully inflated and noninflated parachutes.

P1 = Magnitude of Wind Gust
P2 = ‘Gradient’ of Shear Layer

Vectors show direction and magnitude of flow around a fully inflated parachute.