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Soft Landing of a G-12 Cargo Parachute with Multistage PMA Retractions

CDT Patrick Peirce, USMA

Project Supervisors:
Sunil Sathe, T*AFSM

Principal Investigator:
Professor Tayfun E. Tezduyar, T*AFSM

This project is part of a research effort by the T*AFSM in collaboration with US Army Natick Soldier Center. The objective in this project is to study the effect of multistage Pneumatic Muscle Actuator (PMA) retractions on soft landing a G-12 cargo parachute. We investigated how a sequence of retracting and holding the PMA's affected both the drag and descent speed of the parachute.

Figure 1. Close-up of PMAs at four different times during the simulation.

Figure 2. Vorticity field around G-12.