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Supersonic Flow Past a Fighter Aircraft

In this problem, supersonic flow past a fighter aircraft at Mach number 2.0 is simulated. The aircraft is modeled after the Lockheed YF-22 Advanced Tactical Fighter. The model generated with an interactive modeling program contains 142 Bézier surfaces. The model is very detailed, and all of the important components of the aircraft are present. Since the geometry of the aircraft is symmetric, only half of the aircraft is being modeled. The surface mesh for the model contains 33,868 nodes and 67,732 triangular elements. An automatic mesh generator created a 3D mesh containing 185,483 nodes and 1,071,580 tetrahedral elements. The simulation is carried out on a CRAY T3D. The steady-state solution is obtained using a matrix-free iterative implicit code with a local-time stepping algorithm. The picture above shows the temperature distribution on the aircraft surface. The unstructured mesh generator, flow solver, and flow visualization software (based on Wavefront) were developed by the T*AFSM.

The flow simulation for the fighter aircraft was part of an effort by the T*AFSM researchers, partially funded by the Advanced Research Projects Agency, for the development of scalable libraries for fluid mechanics applications.


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