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Sloshing in a Container Subjected to Sudden Deceleration

In this project, we simulate sloshing in a partially-filled container which represents one of the six compartments of a tanker truck. The driver of the fuel truck suddenly brakes and decelerates at 0.2 g. The flow is assumed to be symmetric with respect to the vertical-central plane. A mesh with 1,250,260 hexahedral elements and 1,284,381 nodes is used in the simulation. To obtain the time-dependent solution for sloshing, at every time step more than 6 million coupled nonlinear equations are solved iteratively. The computations were carried out on a CM-5 with 512 processing nodes. The four pictures below show the sloshing and fluid pressure at different instances. For additional information on sloshing in tanker trucks, see "Dynamic Stability of a Vehicle Carrying Bulk Liquid and Driving Over a Bump".

The mesh generator and flow solver were developed by the T*AFSM.


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