Advances in Computational Fluid–Structure Interaction and Flow Simulation A Conference Celebrating the
60th Birthday of Tayfun E. Tezduyar


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T. Aoki S. Hossain Y. Matsumoto N. Satofuka
S. Asao M.-C. Hsu M. Mehl T. Sawada
B. Avci T.J.R. Hughes S. Mittal T. Sheu
Y. Bazilevs S. Idelsohn Y. Nakabayashi K. Sugiyama
F. Brezzi S. Ii T. Nomura H. Suito
E.H. van Brummelen Y. Imai H. Notsu M. Tabata
J.S. Chen T. Ishikawa P. Nørtoft S. Takagi
Y.-S. Chen K. Kashiyama Y. Ogata K. Takizawa
C.-Y. Chen S. Keten R. Ohayon R. Torii
M. Conti A. Korobenko H. Okumura K. Tsubota
A. Corsini S. Koshizuka T. Opstal O. Wodo
M. Cruchaga J. Kusaka Y. Osawa J.-S. Wu
J. Evans T. Kvamsdal M. Oshima F. Xiao
K. Fujii C.-A. Lin A. Quarteroni G. Yagawa
K. Fujisawa M. Manguoglu A. Reali S. Yoshimura
B. Ganapathysubramanian D. Marini F. Rispoli J. Zhang
R. Himeno A. Massing N. Saito
T. Hisada A. Masud A. Sameh

Student Poster Competition

The birthday conference will feature a student poster competition (Student Research Award in FSI and Flow Simulation). The posters competition theme is Computational Fluid–Structure Interaction or Flow Simulation. Only students are eligible to participate in the poster competition. Students interested in submitting a poster for the competition should contact the conference co-chairs directly at <>, and provide the poster title, authors, and author affiliations. Poster submissions will be accepted on a “first-come, first-served” basis until the maximum number of submissions is reached. No submissions will be accepted after March 1st, 2014. The poster competition winner(s) will be announced at the conference banquet. The poster competition participants are asked to bring the posters on the first day of the conference in order to hang them in the space provided.

Short Course on Computational FSI