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Army HPC Research Center 1994-1998

The T*AFSM was a major force behind the successes of the Army High Performance Computing Research Center (AHPCRC) during the 5-year period 1994-1998. These pages highlight the success stories at the AHPCRC during that period, illustrated with the cover pages of the AHPCRC Brochures and Bulletins published in 1994-1998 and selected articles.

AHPCRC Brochures and Bulletins 1994-1998

Simulation of Large Ram Air Parachute AHPCRC Bulletin - Spring 1994 AHPCRC Bulletin - Summer 1994 AHPCRC Bulletin - Fall 1994 AHPCRC Bulletin - Winter/Spring 1995 AHPCRC Bulletin - Summer 95 AHPCRC Bulletin - Fall 1995 Numerical Simulation of Parachuter Drop AHPCRC Bulletin - Winter/Spring 1996 AHPCRC Bulletin - Summer 1996 AHPCRC Bulletin - Fall 1996 AHPCRC Bulletin - Winter/Spring 1997 AHPCRC Bulletin - Summer 1997 AHPCRC Bulletin - Fall 1997, Winter/Spring 1998 AHPCRC Bulletin - Summer 1998