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The last update on these pages was based on a 2010 journal article -- 156th in the list of 213 ISI-indexed journal articles. These pages will gradually be updated based on the newer articles in that list. In the meantime, for a glance at some of the work published since the 156th article, see TAFSM Featured. For full description of the work published since the 156th article, see Journal Publications.

Fluid-Structure Interactions Fluid-Object and Fluid-Particle Interactions
Cardiovascular Modeling and Fluid-Structure Interactions Multiscale Methods
Parachute Modeling and Fluid-Structure Interactions        Basic Fluid Mechanics Problems
Free-Surface Flows Two-Fluid Interfaces
Ground Vehicles Air Circulation and Contaminant Dispersion
Hydrodynamics of Complex Shapes        Aerodynamics of Complex Shapes