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Undergraduate Research

The T*AFSM has a long tradition of providing undergraduate students the opportunity to work on research projects in AFSM. The students, as intern members of the T*AFSM, learn how to use the state-of-the-art computational methods and tools developed by the T*AFSM and gain experience with using advanced computing platforms, such as a 1056-node CRAY T3E-1200. These interns typically work on and contribute significantly to projects on real-world problems, and see how AFSM methods can successfully be used for bringing solutions to real-world problems. At the end of their stay the Interns give presentations on their research projects.

Undergraduate Internship in AFSM
The Undergraduate Internship in AFSM is a 10-week program which has been designed and conducted by the T*AFSM since 1995. This program has been funded by the National Science Foundation, US Army Natick Soldier Center, and Rice University George R. Brown School of Engineering.
West Point Cadets Summer Internship in AFSM
The T*AFSM initiated and conducted this 3-week internship program for cadets from US Military Academy (USMA) first in Summer 1998. The Cadets' internship stay with the T*AFSM is sponsored by the USMA under the Summer Academic Individual Advanced Development program. The projects are specially designed by the T*AFSM for West Point cadets to contribute to the Cadets' academic development in Advanced Flow Simulation and Modeling and also have substantial Army relevance.