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AHPCRC Bulletin: Winter/Spring 1995 - Volume 5 Number 1-2

AHPCRC Research Highlighted at AUSA Symposium and Exhibition

Keith Stein (US Army Natick RDEC)

"Equipping Force XXI" was the theme of this yearUs Winter Symposium and Exhibition of the Association of the United States Army (AUSA). The AUSA Symposium and Exhibition, held in Orlando, Florida, January 23-25 was designed to bring together key players from the Army, industry and academia involved in equipping Force XXI. Force XXI is the US Army of the 21st century which must make adjustments in order to carry out its mission during a period of declining resources. The key factor in equipping Force XXI, as stated by Secretary of the Army Togo D. West Jr., is to rely "on a technological edge to overmatch our adversaries." He also stated that in order "to maintain this edge, we must continue to modernize."

Figure 1 (left). The theme for the Symposium and Exhibition: Equipping Force XXI. Figure 2 (right). Entrance to the AMC exhibit area.
The Army Materiel Command (AMC) is one of the key organizations leading the Army into Force XXI. The AMC exhibit focused on the theme "partnering and innovation" and demonstrated how AMC is using basic research, early technology and advanced development, testing expertise and acquisition excellence to lead the Army into Force XXI. The AHPCRC was featured in the Basic Research Station of the AMC exhibit as an example of an ARO Center of Excellence and the featured demonstration at the ARO station on the exhibit floor was the AHPCRC simulations of the deployment and gliding performance of large parafoils. The finite element computational studies on the behavior of large ram air parachutes were displayed and presented (see Figure 3). The display was staffed by Tayfun Tezduyar (Director, AHPCRC), Shahrouz Aliabadi (AHPCRC), Frank Hurley (ARO), Keith Stein (Natick RDEC) and Major Jack Owens (US Army Research Laboratory) (see Figure 4).

Figure 3. ARO station displaying AHPCRC parafoil effort.
Development of finite element techniques capable of modeling fluid motion about complex shapes with moving boundaries has been an important area of research at the AHPCRC during recent years. These techniques are well suited for capturing the physical phenomena associated with the dynamics of parafoils. The parafoil effort is led by Tezduyar and William Garrard (Professor and Head, Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics) along with TezduyarUs research team at the AHPCRC. This highly visible effort is sponsored by ARO in collaboration with and support of the US Army Soldier System Command and their contractor for the Guided Parafoil Air Delivery System. The AHPCRC display and presentation were well received at the AUSA exhibit. GEN Gordon R. Sullivan (US Army Chief of Staff), during his keynote address, stated that the Army is "working on a new ram air parachute with one of our premiere universities." This research on the application of high performance computing to modeling ram air parachutes is a collaborative project between Natick RDEC and the AHPCRC. Mr. George T. Singley III, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Research and Technology, also expressed his appreciation of the AHPCRC ongoing research effort.

Figure 4. Keith Stein, Natick RDEC, Dr. Tayfun Tezduyar, AHPCRC Director, MG Robert Guest, Major Jack Owens, and MG Thomas Prather.
GEN Leon E. Salomon, the commanding general of AMC led several escorted tours through the AMC exhibit. These included walkthroughs for GEN Sullivan, and Secretary of the Army Togo D. West, Jr. Other walkthroughs were escorted by LTG John G. Coburn (Deputy commander of AMC) for numerous US Army, government, industry and public affairs assemblies. The AMC exhibit was one of many display areas on the exhibit floor. Other industry and Army exhibits were also on display in the AUSA exhibition. The AUSA symposium had several talks focusing on relevant issues pertaining to equipping Force XXI: Partnering with Government and Academia for Force XXI; Army Digitization and Information Transport for Force XXI; Acquiring Force XXI; Testing and Evaluation for Force XXI; Technology Generation for Force XXI. Secretary of the Army Togo D. West Jr. was the keynote speaker at the AUSA banquet.