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AHPCRC Bulletin: Summer 1995 - Volume 5 Number 4

AHPCRC Bulletin: Summer 1995 - Volume 5 Number 4

Update on the Third US-Japan Symposium on Finite Element Simulation of Flow Problems

Tayfun Tezduyar (AHPCRC)

The final program for the The Third US-Japan Symposium on Finite Element Methods in Large-Scale Computational Fluid Dynamics to be held at the AHPCRC on April 1-3, 1996 will be available soon. The AHPCRC arranged for registration rates for employees of the Department of Defense, for researchers from the academic partners of the AHPCRC, and for employees of the Minnesota Supercomputer Center, Inc. who would like to attend the Symposium. The reduction in the redistration fee will be from $175 to $100 for those who register before March 1, 1996, and from $200 to $125 after this date.

The following is an updated list of invited speakers and panel members who confirmed their participation:

Takeshi Adachi, (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries),
Ted Belytschko, (Northwestern University),
Jerry Clarke, (Army Research Laboratory),
Jeffrey Derby, (CEMS/AHPCRC, University of Minnesota),
Michael Engelman, (Fluid Dynamics International),
Shoichi Fujima, (Hiroshima University),
David Gartling, (Sandia National Laboratories),
Philip Gresho, (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory),
Katsumori Hatanaka, (Nihon University),
Hirokazu Hirano, (Chuo University),
Jeffrey Holland, (Waterways Experiment Station),
Bayard Holmes, (Centric Engineering Systems),
Thomas Hughes, (Stanford University),
Andrew Johnson, (AEM/AHPCRC, University of Minnesota),
Masayuki Kaiho, (Hitachi),
Kazuo Kashiyama, (Chuo University),
Mutsuto Kawahara, (Chuo University),
Noboru Kikuchi, (University of Michigan),
Wing Liu, (Northwestern University),
Akira Maruoka, (Chuo University),
Yasuhiro Matsuda, (Shinshu University),
William Mermagen, (Army Research Laboratory),
Takashi Nomura, (Nihon University),
Marie Oshima, (University of Tokyo),
John Shahid, (Sandia National Laboratories),
Yoji Shimazaki, (Tokai University),
Walter Sturek, (Army Research Laboratory),
Masahisa Tabata, (Hiroshima University),
Tayfun Tezduyar, (AEM/AHPCRC, University of Minnesota),
Tsuyoshi Umetsu, (Maebashi City College of Technology),
Robert Whalin, (Waterways Experiment Station),
Gloria Wren, (Army Research Laboratory),
Takahiro Yamada, (Tokyo Institute of Technology)