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AHPCRC Bulletin: Winter/Spring 1996 - Volume 6 Number 1-2

Infrastructure Support Scientist Workshop

Marek Behr (AHPCRC-UM)

Poster for the ISS Workshop
In February 1996, the first AHPCRC Infrastructure Support Scientist Workshop took place at the Army Research Laboratory (ARL) at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland. The workshop brought together the AHPCRC infrastructure support scientists who work with various Army sites; the AHPCRC Principal Investigators and Co-principal Investigators (or their representatives) from the University of Minnesota (UM) and its academic partners, Clark Atlanta (CAU), Florida A&M (FAMU), Howard (HU) and Jackson State (JSU) Universities; and several technical support staff of the AHPCRC industrial partner, Minnesota Supercomputer Center, Inc. (MSCI).

The workshop opened with welcoming remarks from Charles Nietubicz of the Advanced Simulations and High Performance Computing Directorate (ASHPCD) at ARL, who is the Acting Chief of the Technology Integration Branch, and by Tayfun Tezduyar, Professor of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics at the UM and the AHPCRC Director.

These opening remarks were followed by AHPCRC infrastructure support scientists who outlined the areas of their activities. Robert Maier (Corps of Engineers, Waterways Experiment Station (CEWES)) talked about dynamic graph partitioning and ground water modeling; Jerry Clarke (ARL) outlined the Network-Distributed Global Memory project, Marek Behr (ARL) gave an update on free-surface flows over hydraulic structures and other AHPCRC-UM flow simulation activities; and Stephen Ray (ARL) gave a presentation on the simulation of fluid-structure interactions and slender body flow phenomena. Kosmo Tatalias (Concepts Analysis Agency (CAA)) talked about the AHPCRC infrastructure support activities at CAA and HU; and Michael Stephens (CEWES) discussed scientific visualization at CEWES.

During the afternoon session, CAU research activities were outlined by Olugbemiga Olatidoye, Head of the Visualization and Design Laboratory at CAU, followed by Kunal Ghosh, Chair of the HPCC Research and Training Office at JSU, who outlined the JSU research activities. Tezduyar gave an overview of high performance computing (HPC) in flow simulations, which is the focus of his research group at the UM. Graham Candler, Associate Professor of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics at the UM, discussed scalable finite-volume methods for high-speed and reacting flows, and Jeffrey Derby, Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science at the UM, talked about HPC analysis of materials processing, including crystal growth modeling.

The workshop continued the following day with more presentations from the AHPCRC Principal Investigators and Co-principal Investigators (or their representatives). Charles Weatherford, Chair of the Physics Department at FAMU, talked about FAMU research activities. John Nieber, Professor of Agricultural Engineering at the UM, discussed the UM research activities in environmental sciences. Tepper Gill, Director of the Computational Science and Engineering Research Center at HU, and his associate, Sonya Smith, talked about the HU research projects, including parallel implementation of the Maple symbolic algebra package. Jeng Yen, Research Associate at the UM, discussed numerical methods for differential-algebraic systems in real-time simulation and control of mechanical systems. Vipin Kumar, Professor of Computer Science at the UM, outlined the UM research activities in enabling technologies, including graph partitioning and sparse linear solvers.

At the conclusion of the workshop, Walter Sturek of the ASHPCD, and the ARL Contracting Officers Representative for AHPCRC, provided an overview of the current oversight structure for the AHPCRC and the closing remarks.

The second workshop in this series is planned for early 1997, to be held at CEWES in Vicksburg, Mississippi.