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AHPCRC Bulletin: Summer 1996 - Volume 6 Number 3


Anita Anderson (AHPCRC-UM)

AEM and AHPCRC Researchers Commended

Gilbert Decker, Assistant Secretary of the Army for Research, Development and Acquisition, officially commended researchers from Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics and Army High Performance Computing Research Center for their "outstanding research accomplishments" in development of high performance computing techniques for fluid dynamics. The commendation was in conjunction with a paper presented at the 20th Army Science Conference in Norfolk, Virginia, in June 1996. The researchers commended were Tayfun Tezduyar, Shahrouz Aliabadi, Steve Ray, and Chris Waters, all from the Institute of Technology, and Walter Sturek from the Army Research Laboratory.

New Members Join the AHPCRC Infrastructure Support Staff (ISS) Team

The AHPCRC ISS Program, which stresses side-by-side working relationships as the most effective method for promoting collaborative work, places staff scientists at Army laboratories in an effort to promote these relationships. In addition to their research functions, the staff scientists also contribute to designing and conducting training courses and tutorials in their areas of expertise.

We are pleased to welcome two new members to our team of infrastructure support staff. Kent Danielson has been placed at the Corps of Engineers, Waterways Experiment Station (CEWES) in Vicksburg, Mississippi, where he is working on the development of scalable algorithms for nonlinear structural dynamics. Danielson received his Ph.D. in Civil Engineering/Mechanics and Materials from Texas A&M University. Prior to joining the AHPCRC, he was employed by the Center for Computational Structures Technology at the NASA Langley Research Center.

Eric Schmitt has been placed at the Army Research Laboratory (ARL) in Aberdeen, Maryland, where he will be assisting ARL scientists with their graphics and visualization needs. He is currently working on a graphics user interface system for the parallel execution of design codes for large variable inputs. Schmitt recently completed the requirements for his B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. His studies were concentrated in the areas of computer graphics and high performance computing for physics and math applications.

Danielson and Schmitt join the other members of the AHPCRC ISS team including: Marek Behr (ARL), Lilee Cuff (AMRIID), Robert Maier (CEWES), Stephen Ray (ARL), Michael Stephens (CEWES), and Kosmo Tatalias (CAA).

Area High School Teachers Visit the AHPCRC

This summer, for the second consecutive year, metropolitan Twin Cities area teachers of 8-12 grade math, science, and technology visited the Center Headquarters as part of the NSF Teacher Enhancement grant, "Envision It! Project." The group of teachers who visited the AHPCRC were briefed on the Center's mission and given a tour of the high performance computing (HPC) systems available at the Center, as well as the Center's graphics and visualization laboratory and classroom facilities. They were also involved in an interactive demonstration on how to use HPC to solve problems involving large computations.

This summer's "Envision It! Project" focused on developing the teaching tools necessary to use computational science as a classroom strategy. Approximately 70 teachers were taught the use of Internet for information gathering, dissemination and networking; Stella, a software for modeling; Matlab, a software for modeling and visualization; and NIH Image, a software for visualization. The group was also introduced to real applications of computational science using supercomputers and high-end visualization stations and programs.

During the teachers' visit to the AHPCRC, a new program was announced with the goal to facilitate exposure of area high school students to the field of scientific computer modeling and HPC. The AHPCRC will provide the support necessary to provide teachers with the ability to transport students from their high school to the Center, and also be able to arrange for a substitute teacher for the half day of the field trip to the AHPCRC. Two Fall field trips have been scheduled as of this publishing.

McNU '97

The AHPCRC is pleased to co-sponsor the 1997 Joint Summer Meeting of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), and the Society of Engineering Science (SES) which will be held June 29-July 2, 1997, in Chicago at the Northwestern University Norris Center. The purpose of this meeting is to provide a forum for the discussion and dissemination of recent advances in mechanics and materials research, development, and education. The goal is to enable researchers, engineers, and scientists interested in fluid, solid, and structural mechanics and materials to exchange ideas on the subject, with particular emphasis on infrastructure and industrial applications. As the meeting is not restricted to any special branch of mechanics and materials, it is hoped that both academic and industrial participants from a wide range of disciplines will be able to learn from one another, and hence strengthen both undergraduate and graduate engineering curricula as well as disseminate frontier research into practice. The meeting is also being sponsored by:
  • McCORMICK School of Engineering, Northwestern University
  • ASME Applied Mechanics Division
  • ASME Materials Division
  • ASME Manufacturing Engineering Division
  • ASCE Engineering Mechanics Division
  • SES
  • Chicago Section of Society of Automotive Engineers
  • Institute for Mechanics and Materials, University of California, San Diego
  • ISUZU Advanced Engineering Center, LTD, Kanagawa-ken, JAPAN
  • National Science Foundation
  • Office of Naval Research

The proceedings of McNU '97 will consist of one-page abstracts of contributed papers and short summaries of invited and plenary lectures. The proceedings will be made available on the World Wide Web prior to the meeting with the aim of enhancing interest in the meeting and providing wider distribution. Additional information on the meeting can also be found at the Web site.

Internship Programs

The AHPCRC is pleased to announce that it will once again sponsor an Undergraduate Internship Program in High Performance Computing in Fluid Dynamics during the Summer of 1997. Candidates for the internship will be solicited primarily from the AHPCRC academic partner universities, and also from the broader academic community. To date, two students who were prior graduates of the AHPCRC Advanced Summer Institute have completed internships under this program, one from Jackson State University (JSU) and one from Clark Atlanta University.

The AHPCRC also encourages students who have participated in the AHPCRC Advanced Summer Institute to apply for internships at our affiliated Army laboratories. Three students have been awarded internships at the Corps of Engineers, Waterways Experiment Station, one from JSU and one from the University of Minnesota, both of whom were graduates of the 1995 Summer Institute; and one graduate of the 1996 Summer Institute, from JSU, who will spend his time at CEWES working on groundwater modeling.

Ettore Infante Honored for his Support of the AHPCRC

Ettore Infante, Dean of the UM Institute of Technology (IT) in 1989 when the AHPCRC was originally established, played a key role in bringing the Center to the UM. Largely due to his vision, encouragement and support, a team of faculty researchers came together for the purpose of exploring the use of high performance computing (HPC) for solving Army relevant problems, to have technology exchange with the Army through collaborations with Army scientists, and to train future generations in the use of HPC. Even after Infante assumed the role of Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, he continued to be very supportive of the Center and its mission.

Infante recently resigned as Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, and plans to return to the School of Mathematics where he will resume a career of teaching and research.

In August, a luncheon was held at the AHPCRC in honor of Infante's many years of support of the Center. We have greatly appreciated and depended upon his assistance and guidance on the many and varied issues of the past seven years.

Walter Sturek (ARL), Ettore Infante (UM), Tayfun Tezduyar

The luncheon was attended by individuals involved with the Center form its inception, as well as those newer to the project. Included in the group of Army personnel present were Jagdish Chandra (ARO), the original Center program officer, and Walter Sturek (ARL), who currently fills this role, as well as William Mermagen, the ARL Directorate Executive, and Charles Nietubicz, the ARL Chief of the HPC Division. From the Minnesota Supercomputer Center, Inc. were John Sell, President, Paul Muzio, Vice President for Government Programs and AHPCRC Executive Director for Infrastructure, Craig Norman, Vice President for Administration and General Council, and Robert Williams, Executive Vice President. From the AHPCRC academic partner universities, Tepper Gill (HU) and Olugbemiga Olatidoye ((CAU) attended, and from the University of Minnesota, Phillips Shively, Provost for Arts, Sciences and Engineering, Ted Davis, Dean of the Institute of Technology, Tayfun Tezduyar and Anita Anderson, AHPCRC Director and Executive Officer respectively. Also in attendance was Infante's wife, Trudi Miller, to whom we owe a dept of gratitude for her willingness to share so much of her husband's time with the Center and the UM. Memories, remarks and best wishes were shared by all.