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AHPCRC Bulletin: Fall 1996 - Volume 6 Number 4

AHPCRC and AEM Researchers Receive the Educational Award for Excellence from the US Army Soldier Systems Command

Keith Stein (US Army Natick RDEC)

Researchers from the AHPCRC and the Department of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics (AEM) at the University of Minnesota received the 1996 Educational Award for Excellence from the US Army Soldier Systems Command (SSCOM). The award was given at the SSCOM's Second Annual Commander's Recognition Awards Ceremony for Business and Industry on November 21, 1996.

Col. Richard Ross (SSCOM) and Tayfun Tezduyar (AHPCRC-UM)

The Command recognized the AEM and AHPCRC as leaders in addressing problems such as parachute modeling by providing a state-of-the-art facility for scientific computing, establishing programs for collaboration between academia and the Army, and providing training for the next generation of researchers. AEM/AHPCRC has collaborated closely with the SSCOM, US Army Natick RDEC (Natick) in recent years in a variety of Army airdrop-related problems to develop new computational techniques which are improving the airdrop modeling capability at Natick. These improved capabilities are necessary for modeling a variety of airdrop behaviors such as the dynamics of ram-air parachutes, paratrooper deployment from delivery aircraft, and parachute fluid-structure interactions. Additionally, this collaboration has served to enhance the SSCOM programs by offering numerous training opportunities for Natick researchers.

"They have exemplified the highest degree of commitment and dedication to not only providing the Soldier Systems Command with the best products and services available, but have also extended themselves far beyond that which ordinarily would be expected of a contractor or customer," said Col. Richard Ross, Commander. "We realize that we cannot meet this challenge alone. Success can only be measured by our partnering with business, industry, and our customers."

Tayfun Tezduyar (Professor of AEM and Director of AHPCRC) was at the SSCOM Award Ceremony to receive the Award on behalf of the AEM, AHPCRC, and the team of researchers whose efforts resulted in this recognition. The team members were, in addition to Tezduyar, Vinay Kalro (Research Associate, AEM/AHPCRC), Andrew Johnson and Shahrouz Aliabadi (Research Assistant Professors, AEM/AHPCRC), and William Garrard (Professor and Head, AEM). Walter Sturek (Senior Scientist and Army COR for AHPCRC, ARL) was also at the award ceremony.

AEM/AHPCRC researchers continue to focus efforts on development of advanced high performance computing methods and tools for simulation and modeling of ram-air parachutes, and also continue to work closely with the SSCOM to support airdrop systems modeling capability at Natick. "The AEM/AHPCRC, through their dedicated and insightful collaborations with Natick, have contributed immeasurably to the advancement of airdrop and parachute modeling capabilities that will ultimately eliminate the cut-and-try approach to airdrop system development," said Gary Thibault, Associate Director of Natick's Mobility Directorate. "Without the dedicated support of remarkable academic partners like AEM and the AHPCRC, our (Natick's) airdrop modeling goals would quickly fade."