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AHPCRC Bulletin: Summer 1997 - Volume 7 Number 3


Anita Anderson (AHPCRC-UM)

FAMU Named College of the Year

The FAMU campus
TIME/The Princeton Review's 1998 edition of "The Best College for You" named Florida A&M University (FAMU) as the "College of the Year." FAMU is a Historically Black College and University and one of the six partner universities participating in the AHPCRC.

FAMU was the first "College of the Year" selected by TIME/Princeton Review. The TIME/Princeton Review stated that its purpose was not to anoint some place the "best," but rather, "to identify a school that is trying out new ideas and, by making them work, advancing the cause of higher education in general."

TIME/The Princeton Review selected FAMU as the "College for the Year" because FAMU has been doing "what many thought was impossible: tripling the size of its graduating class while simultaneously boosting the quality of its student body." FAMU, the articles states, "has reached for excellence, recruiting better students and better teachers; raising the money to build labs, renovate dorms and install computer networks; doing the hard work necessary to win national recognition for its schools of business, engineering, pharmacy and health sciences."

The article adds, "The only traditionally black college to offer four Ph.D. programs, FAMU receives 350 federal research grants totaling $40 million annually. Last year FAMU College of Pharmacy-which has trained a quarter of all black pharmacists in America-joined the country's Top 10 pharmacy-research centers, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) with $3.2 million in NIH grants. For a historically black college, said Sidney McNairy, the NIH's director of research infrastructure, that was 'a meteoric rise.'" The article also mentioned that FAMU has been vying with Harvard for the distinction of enrolling the most National Achievement Scholars (FAMU won in 1992 and 1995; Harvard in 1993 and 1994). -Paul Muzio

Northwestern University Joins AHPCRC

The AHPCRC welcomes a sixth academic partner to the AHPCRC, Northwestern University (NWU). Ted Belytschko and Wing Liu will lead the NWU effort. Both have many years of experience, background, and international recognition in the area of computational solid mechanics, particularly in computational structural mechanics. There are many challenges and applications of interest to the Army which could benefit substantially from a team of university researchers focused in this area. Liu and Belytschko have developed many creative techniques, including their most recent meshfree methods, which offer a significant promise of application to Army-relevant problems.

AHPCRC Researcher Receives JSME Award

Tezduyar accepting the JSME award.
Tayfun Tezduyar, Distinguished McKnight University Professor and Director of the AHPCRC, received the 1997 Computational Mechanics Award from the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (JSME). The Award was given at a ceremony on 17 July 1997 at the JSME Centennial Grand Congress in Tokyo. This award was established in 1990. Tezduyar is the 5th winner of the Award from the United States; the four winners of the earlier years are all members of the National Academy of Engineering. The JSME has approximately 50,000 members.

During his visit to Japan, Tezduyar gave six invited lectures at the University of Tokyo and the JSME Centennial Grand Congress, which included a general, plenary lecture of the JSME Computational Mechanics Division, immediately preceding the Award Ceremony.

AHPCRC Researchers Receive USACM Awards

Tezduyar received the 1997 Computational Fluid Dynamics Award from the US Association of Computational Mechanics. The Computational Structural Mechanics Award was given to Belytschko, who, in addition to holding a chaired professorship at Northwestern University, is a member of the National Academy of Engineering and an AHPCRC faculty researcher.

The Awards were given at a ceremony on 7 August 1997 at the 4th US National Congress on Computational Mechanics held in San Francisco. This is the first time these awards were given, and they are "in recognition of outstanding and sustained contributions to the broad field [of Computational Fluid Dynamics and Computational Structural Mechanics]."

AHPCRC-UM Researcher Accepts Faculty Position at CAU

Shahrouz Aliabadi, a long-time member of the AHPCRC Simulations and Modeling research team, has accepted a tenure-track faculty position with the Department of Engineering at Clark Atlanta University (CAU). Aliabadi will also serve as CAU's Associate Director of High Performance Computing. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota in Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics in 1994 under the advisorship of Tayfun Tezduyar. Aliabadi has been affiliated with the Center since 1991. Aliabadi plans to continue as a member of the AHPCRC Simulations and Modeling research team and to continue his involvement with the Center's summer undergraduate programs.

AHPCRC Program Officer Becomes ARL Fellow

The Army Research Laboratory (ARL) Contracting Officer's Representative for AHPCRC, Walter Sturek, has recently been selected to become an ARL Fellow. This honor is bestowed by the incumbent ARL Fellows in recognition of exceptional technical accomplishments, reputation, and the prospect of continued productivity. ARL Fellows are an honorary group made up of a small, select group of ARL scientists and engineers. This organization was established by the Director of ARL to provide special recognition to the most distinguished ARL scientists and engineers.