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AHPCRC Bulletin: Summer 1997 - Volume 7 Number 3

Fourth Japan-US Symposium Planned

Anita Anderson (AHPCRC-UM)

The Fourth Japan-US Symposium on Finite Element Methods in Large-Scale Computational Fluid Dynamics is planned for 2-4 April 1998, at Nihon University in Japan. This bi-annual Symposium, organized this year by the Japan Society of Computational Fluid Dynamics, alternates sites between Japan and the United States. The previous symposium was held in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in April 1996, and was co-sponsored by the AHPCRC.

Tayfun Tezduyar, AHPCRC Director, will once again participate in this event as a member of the Organizing Committee and by presenting his research funded in part by the AHPCRC. Other AHPCRC and Army researchers invited to share the results of their research at the Symposium include: Shahrouz Aliabadi (Clark Atlanta University), Jeffrey Derby (University of Minnesota), Keith Stein (Natick Research, Development, and Engineering Center), and Walter Sturek and Gloria Wren of the Army Research Laboratory (ARL). Paul Muzio, the AHPCRC Executive Director for Infrastructure (Network Computing Services, Inc.), will present a paper describing current and future trends for high performance computing platforms in the United States. Also from the Army, Richard Chait (Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army for RD&A), William Mermagen (ARL), and Robert Whalin (Corps of Engineers Waterways Experiment Station) will participate as panel speakers.