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Fall 1997 - Volume 7 Number 4
Winter/Spring 1998 - Volume 8 Number 1-2

The Fourth Japan-US Symposium

Anita Anderson (AHPCRC-UM)

Takashi Nomura (Nihon University) and Thomas Hughes at Symposium welcoming reception
The Fourth Japan-US Symposium on Finite Element Methods in Large-Scale Computational Fluid Dynamics took place 1-4 April 1998 in Japan on the Fanabashi Campus of Nihon University. The Symposium was sponsored by the University's College of Science and Technology Departments of Civil Engineering, and Oceanic Architecture and Engineering and organized by the Japan Society of Computational Fluid Dynamics. The Organizing Committee consisted of Thomas Hughes (Stanford University), Mutsuto Kawahara (Chuo University), and Tayfun Tezduyar (AHPCRC-UM/Rice). The earlier three US-Japan symposia were also organized by this committee.

Many AHPCRC and Army researchers gave invited presentations at the Symposium on new HPC methods, parallel implementations and challenging applications: Tezduyar, Vinay Kalro and Yasuo Osawa (AHPCRC-UM/Rice); Wing Liu (AHPCRC-NWU); Shahrouz Aliabadi (AHPCRC-CAU); Jeff Derby (AHPCRC-UM); Keith Stein (Natick RDEC); and Walter Sturek and Gloria Wren (ARL).

Richard Chait
The symposium included a panel session on Future Directions in Flow Simulation and Modeling, chaired by Tezduyar, and had as US members Richard Chait, Ahmed Sameh, and Charles Nietubicz.

Chait, a strong supporter of the AHPCRC, recently retired from his position as Director of Army Research and Laboratory Management and has since assumed the role of Director of the National Materials Advisory Board for the National Academy of Sciences.

Ahmed Sameh
Sameh, currently Head of Computer Science Department at Purdue University, was an AHPCRC-UM faculty researcher prior to his departure from UM.

Nietubicz, formerly the Director of the ARL High Performance Computing Division, has recently been named Acting Director for the ARL Corporate Information and Computing Center.

Closing remarks were provided by Tezduyar who announced that the 5th US-Japan Symposium is tentatively planned to be held at Rice University in Houston, Texas in October 1999.