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Flow Past a Sphere

Wakes behind spheres are aften encountered in engineering applications and have attracted considerable amount of experimental investigation. At Reynolds numbers beyond 300 laminar hairpin vorticies are periodically shed with uniform strength and frequency. The Strouhal number corresponding to the shedding freqency is in the range of 0.120-0.160. In this 3D problem, we simulate incompressible flow past a sphere at a Reynolds number of 400. Here the Reynolds number is based on the free-stream velocity and the diameter of the sphere. We observe periodic shedding of hairpin vortices with a Strouhal number of about 0.134, which is in good agreement with experiment. The figure below shows magnitude of vorticity at one time step.

The mesh used to solve this problem consists of 85,020 nodes and 150,976 tetrahedral elements. An implicit time integration method is used to obtain the solution of the coupled nonlinear system with 615,703 unknowns at every time step. This problem was solved on a CM-5. The mesh generator, flow solver, and flow visualization software (based on BoB) were developed by the T*AFSM.


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