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3D Computation of Long-Wake Flows Behind Circular Cylinders

The multi-domain method, developed to address a challenging Army application (see Aerodynamics of a Parachute Crossing the Far Wake of an Aircraft), has also benefited 3D simulation of a classical problem: unsteady wake flow behind a circular cylinder. At Reynolds number 140, using three subdomains, we computed the wake flow as far as 300 diameters downstream. SD-2 and SD-3 contain no objects and are covered with structured meshes. Computations were carried out on a CRAY T3E-1200, and involved, at every time step of the simulation, solution of coupled, nonlinear equation systems with more than 0.8 million unknowns for SD-1, and more than 17 million unknowns for each of SD-2 and SD-3. We were able to extend our computations sufficiently downstream, and with sufficient accuracy, to successfully capture (in SD-3) the second phase of the Karman vortex street, which has been observed in laboratory experiments, and which has double the spacing between the vortices compared to the first phase.


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