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The Team for Advanced Flow Simulation and Modeling (T*AFSM) is a group of researchers (Rice group, Waseda group) focusing on development of advanced computational methods for flow simulation and modeling. The T*AFSM has locations in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Rice University, Houston and Department of Modern Mechanical Engineering and Waseda Institute for Advanced Study, Waseda University, Tokyo. The T*AFSM members have been recognized internationally for advanced research with immediate relevance--research that brings solutions to real-world problems and makes impact on our lives. This recognition is evident not only in articles published and invited lectures given by the T*AFSM members, but also in numerous cover pages and magazine articles featuring T*AFSM work, as well as several prestigious awards.

The T*AFSM pioneered the development of stabilized space-time finite element techniques for computer modeling of fluid-structure interactions, fluid-object and fluid-particle interactions, free-surface flows, and two-fluid interfaces. The T*AFSM also pioneered the computer modeling of parachute fluid-structure interactions with the space-time techniques, and brought parachute modeling and simulation to a new era in sophistication of the methods developed and power of the computational platforms used. The space-time techniques developed by the T*AFSM have also been applied extensively to bioengineering and biomechanics problems, with emphasis on hemodynamics (blood flow) and cardiovascular fluid mechanics. Cardiovascular fluid-structure interactions modeled include those involving aneurysm and high blood pressure.

The T*AFSM has been active in launching research partnerships with collaborators from many institutions in the US and abroad. In particular, the T*AFSM has been widely recognized for successfully addressing the computational challenges involved in engineering applications that are of major interest to NASA, industry and US Army. The T*AFSM has also been active in helping to empower future generations with advanced training in computational engineering and science. In addition to sponsoring MS and PhD studies in flow simulation and modeling, the T*AFSM has designed and conducted successful undergraduate research and internship programs in advanced flow simulation and modeling.

These Web pages provide an overview of the T*AFSM activities and what has been achieved over the years, including many challenging flow simulation and modeling projects. Please contact us if you would like additional information.

Tayfun E. Tezduyar
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